November 16, 2007, 8:33 am
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Well, lets get started! I’ve been reading a couple of books recently that I think have been pretty influential: “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven R. Covey, “Positive Imaging: The Powerful Way to Change Your Life” by Norman Vincent Peale, and “Winners Never Cheat: Lessons We Learned As Children But May have forgotten” by Jon Huntsman. Have any of you read any or all of these? Tonights reading was from Winners Never Cheat. Huntsman speaks about how the idea of the American Dream seems to be so unreachable in today’s world that the only way to be successful is to compromise ethics and morals. To obtain the American Dream, Huntsman mentions, takes courage, determination, integrity, and a few breaks.

Can we all agree with this? I like what Ron commented regarding obtaining anything worthwhile will “require blood, sweat, and tears.” Also Peale remarks about how he “never understand why the consequences of sin aren’t glaringly obvious to everyone.” I recall a news article about a man who owned two companies, one of which had just been accepted into a prestigious position on Wall Street. Shortly after the man was arrested for “cooking the books” with said successful company. He’d transfered millions of dollars worth of expenses to his second company so that the first company could bring in more shareholders dollars.

So what would we do if we were inches away from “success”? All you have to do is make one small choice and you’ll be on top. The great thing about all of these books is that the principles can all be found in the scriptures.

I was listening to “The Secret” this summer with Jeremy Brown and we couldn’t help but laugh at how simple the concepts the book was presenting. I felt like we went back to kinder garden. I then felt very grateful for the knowledge and privilege that the gospel enables us with. For Jeremy and I, we found “The Secret” to be not so much a secret as it was common sense.

What I gather from I’ve read so far is that anything worth having isn’t just worth working for, but fully desiring, enduring, selflessly giving, and exercising faith for.

Where do you stand? Gray isn’t Black or White.


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Yep Peale wrote a good book there. Another Good one is “Drawing Upon the Powers of Heaven.” It talks about the same principles and even walks you through setting goals and things. It seems to incorporate the idea a little more that other peoples thoughts and faith can have an impact on your goals as well, which seems to have been left out maybe a little in Peal’s book and left out completely in “The Secret.” One thing that Peal’s book seemed to have that “Drawing on the powers of Heaven” didn’t is talking about the negative impact we can have on our own health by our thoughts. I thought that was interesting. I hear there’s a good book about positive imaging while playing tennis, but it relates to everything else of course. It’s something like the inner game of tennis, or something like that. I’m not quite sure. I’d be curious to find out though.

-Jeremy Brown

…if you think it, they will come.

Comment by Jeremy Brown

I think Vince Peale wrote a book called “the power of positive thinking”… i think that was him, not sure, but that’s also a really good book. check it out…………

Comment by amber

It’s so important to gather wisdom from those who teach and understand so much about human relations, motivation, positive thinking, and more. Hunstman’s book is certainly one of my favorites. Besides the Scriptures, it’s the only book I remember reading which condemns dishonesty and praises the virtue of man. Huntsman speaks from experience…speaking of experience, I just finished “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie. It’s really refreshing how he teaches with real examples.

Comment by Lance

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