Something Big!
November 13, 2007, 11:26 pm
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I’ve been thinking lately that i want to start something big. I’m not sure what, but I feel like it is larger than myself or most anyone else I know. I think that most of us want to be part of some think. For myself, I don’t know what that is. I have started up 5 businesses and have gotten nowhere. I definitely have learned from the experiences and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but I don’t feel like I have much to show for it other than a business card that says: Sean Smith; Student/Entrepreneur.

What are you pondering?



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I think that’s a cool idea. Sean, I think you are cool.

Comment by Shane

I think this is a fine idea.

Comment by Shane

if you want to truely start a blog site that is geared towards networking, then i would suggest making it a site to follow suit after the same suit of myspace, friendster, or any other profile based networking site, but with several different base laws, for instance, instead of individual user profiles, corporation profiles, buisiness owners, entrepreneurs, etc. for a small fee (determined later) users across the globe can contact each other to make services rendered easier. also, because it would be more business oriented there would be less of a need for active moderators. each company would be set up with their own basic site, home page, news, contact info, etc. it would at first be geared towards small businesses, mostly local, but as they grow the site would “piggy back” their success.

Comment by seth

I think everyone wants to be a part of something bigger, that where hopes, dreams, and actions (like going on missions, humanitarian trips, etc.) come from. I recently received a paper from my professor dealing with starting your own NGO’s. I sent you a copy, feel free to post it after you ask permission of the author. I know it’s different, but there are many similarities between them most of all understanding how to provide for and deal with all the issues surrounding the service you are providing (not only the ones on the surface). Unfortunately, that means that often you have to study long, hard and gain experience in that area before you can be truly effective. Small businesses, similar to mom-pop drive-throughs that don’t grow too big can find a nitch in the community can often get away with less complicated schemes and experience. I think the value of working with experienced partners who know different areas of the market, production, and business systems is the best way, or at least bringing them in as advisers. What do you think?

Comment by John

sorry I didn’t look that over for grammar! 🙂

Comment by John

Every experince serves for some later venture/adventure. I would rather see someone try and have only moderate success or even fail than listen to those who talk and wish but never act. The great seceret is finding a nitch market that no one else has discovered and or exploited. Keep looking and remember there is no free lunch…whatever it is you find will require blood, sweat, and tears to be worthwile.


Comment by Ron

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